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Gasket Guys Wanted!

What qualities make a great Gasket Guy Franchise Owner?
  • Sales and customer service experience: The key to success is sales, sales, sales backed by customer service excellence.
  • Working knowledge of technology:  We use a proprietary Gasket Guy smart App for estimate/order entry, websites, email, and call log.  We are committed to making your life easy and paperwork free!
  • Basic mechanical knowledge:  This will help you increase your sales with add ons like strip curtains, hinges, door closers, and cutting boards.  Remember, we don’t want you out there installing gaskets yourself on your hands and knees.  Our business model is built on you having an installer or team of installers for that, but knowing the basics will make you that much more knowledgeable and better able to sell more business.
  • Leadership skills:  As you know, you will be your own boss and eventually someone else’s boss too!
Sound like you? Check out the list of areas that need YOU to be a Gasket Guy Franchise Owner!

Why Do Customers Choose Gasket Guy?

Gasket Guys know gaskets which makes them gasket superstars. This allows them to provide a specialized service with speedy turn around and a much better price than a service company using OEM gaskets at double or triple the price. Gaskets are made at the home office with the newest manufacturing technics and shipped out within 24 hours so there is no need to deal with ridiculous lead times.