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Sean Dillon
Managing Partner / Coach

Sean is naturally and artificially flavored, 4 out of 5 people recommend him.  He also knows a lot about gaskets, refrigeration, and all sorts of things in between.  If you have a mechanical issue with equipment or replacing gaskets, then Sean may be able to help if you send him some chocolate.

Sean is also our local Gasket Guy X business and market coach expert.  You want to become a Gasket Guy and make a dump truck load of money? Then Sean will come to your town and make these dreams come true!  When Sean isn't out helping Gasket Guys rule the market, he's probably playing with his gas powered toys.

Whether it's fast cars, old trucks, or riding motocross, Sean can't get enough of the fossil fuel burning excitement.  Oh yeah, and he has a 4 yr old son, an infant daughter, a wife, and two cool dogs that always try to get on the couch.  He likes them too.


Matt Wind
Managing Partner / Operations

Matt is the "Idea Guy". He's is an avid golfer/tennis player, and devoted german shepherd owner.

After graduating from Georgia Tech in 2010, Matt joined forces with two fraternity brothers and the rest is history.  By strategically partnering with a gasket manufacturing / distribution company, Gasket Guy has been able to provide OEM quality gaskets to countless satisfied customers across the nation.

Matt's extensive knowledge of gaskets and refrigeration hardware can be attributed to his mentors who have been in the commercial refrigeration industry for over 40 years.  By introducing him to the right people, big ideas, and global concepts they've helped shape the person he is today.