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Nicole Spedding
Boss Lady

Boss Lady carries a big gun so we just want to get that out of the way first.  Now on to the fun stuff.  Nicole is the backbone of the Gasket Guy world.  You want to order 700 gaskets, and you need them shipped tomorrow?  Then Nicole's your girl, so long as she doesn't shoot you first.  Nicole comes from humble beginnings in the foot hills of Georgia.  Her Mama was the bar maid at a local watering hole, and her Papa was a Moonshiner.  Nicole had to learn gaskets at a young age, as her daddy was always in need of a good seal on his still so that the steam didn't escape.  Also he had to keep the beer fridge cold.  As Nicole grew, she took over the family biz and became the most famous Moonshiner in the southeast.  As the law started getting wise she had to go legit and opened a chain of drive through liquor stores.  At an incredible 9k square ft. of cooler space and some 406 cooler doors, Nicole had an incredible amount of gaskets, hinges, and closers to keep in good shape.  This is where she learned her mad skills when it comes to refrigeration gaskets.  Not to mention she had to deal with drunk rednecks in cars so she really fine tuned her customer service skills!  


Eric Franceshin
Meme Manager

Eric is a member of the great Gasket Guy team. He spends his day assisting clients with all their gasket questions and orders, handling shipments, working with vendors, googling memes, and assisting our Gasket Guy tech force on the more technical questions and performing intensive part research on difficult cases.

He first entered the foodservice industry as a young child laborer by joining his father in a new family restaurant venture, working countless hours in multiple roles and keeping customers happy and the restaurant running smoothly. Here he is now at Gasket Guy working that quality service that he learned as an indentured servant!

When not wrapped up in gaskets from head to toe, Eric enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, going out on long hikes, bird and animal watching, headin' outdoors for some shooting sports and archery (to kill the birds he just watched), and sitting down for a good late-nite movie!  Oh and did we mention he has a meme for any situation.  Just shoot him an email and test him!

Sean Dillon
Just Awesome

Sean is naturally and artificially flavored, 4 out of 5 people recommend him.  He also knows a lot about gaskets, refrigeration, and all sorts of things in between.  If you have a mechanical issue with equipment or replacing gaskets, then Sean may be able to help if you send him some chocolate.  Sean is also our local Gasket Guy X business and market coach expert.  You want to become a Gasket Guy and make a dump truck load of money? Then Sean will come to your town and make these dreams come true!  When Sean isn't out helping Gasket Guys rule the market, he's probably playing with his gas powered toys.  Whether it's fast cars, old trucks, or riding motocross, Sean can't get enough of the fossil fuel burning excitement.  Oh yeah, and he has a 4 yr old son, an infant daughter, a wife, and two cool dogs that always try to get on the couch.  He likes them too.