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Increased Efficiency

Don't overwork your equipment risking a compressor burn out.

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Save on energy expenses.  Don't let those dollars slip through the cracks.

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Our Gasket Guys know exactly how to make your door seal perfectly.

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When it comes to refrigeration gaskets, Gasket Guy is the undisputed industry leader.  Customers choose Gasket Guy because of our nationwide coverage, exceptional service, speedy turnaround and amazing value.  Compared to your standard refrigeration repair company who uses incorrect, expensive, or subpar gaskets, Gasket Guy will beat their price and will WOW you with their service.  Find out why for over 20 years from Canada to South America, Gasket Guy has been the go-to supplier for over 53 corporate restaurant chains and growing!

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"You guys are always so responsive when we call in. We rarely have to wait more than a day to see someone. This service is so convenient and easy - I definitely recommend using Gasket Guy!"


"Gasket Guy is so easy to do business with. Reordering is simple - all you need to do is call your local Gasket Guy and read them the part number on the gasket."

Panera Bread

"Very knowledgeable team. I had a walk-in cooler door that we just couldn't get to close and seal right. With minimal kitchen interference, Gasket Guy had the door closing perfectly."


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