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Our Services

Expert Installation

  • Your Gasket Guy will perform a no-obligation inspection of your kitchen and then provide a detailed estimate of repairs and recommendations.
  • Most repairs can be quoted by either a flat rate or time and materials, giving you the choice of how to move forward.
  • Under normal conditions, we'll return within 48 hours with custom-sized, perfect-fitting OEM gaskets and professionally install them for you.
  • If needed, your Gasket Guy will make repairs to your doors and hinges to ensure that your gaskets seal properly.

Do It Yourself

  • Use our website to find the part you need and we will make it and ship it to you the SAME DAY you order! Plus free shipping and returns.
  • Toll-free phone support in case you need help identifying the gasket you need. Connect with us anytime.
  • Online video instructions on how to install gaskets, hardware, and more. You'll have everything you need to be successful.
  • Sure Seal Promise: Only for gaskets purchased on our website - it fits or we'll send you another gasket for FREE!

The Stats Speak for Themselves...


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Professional Installation

Installing gaskets on an older or not so perfect door can be challenging. Especially when hinges are worn or need adjusting. Our experts know the tricks of the trade to make your gasket fit correctly. We guarantee when we install a gasket, it will fit perfectly, and be the same quality of OEM gaskets, but cost you 30-40% less!

OEM Quality Gaskets

Our trained professionals can install any type of gasket on any type of equipment. We will install the gasket with minimum service interruption at your convenience.


Expert Walk-in Door Repairs

Our professionals have extensive experience in replacing hardware on walk-in doors. Repairs can range from hinges, door sweeps, and perimeter heaters, all the way to full replacement doors.

Strip Curtains

Conserve energy and save money. Strip Curtains are shown to lower energy cost in a Walk-In by as much as 20%. Our custom strip curtains can be ordered to fit any application and door size.


Custom Cutting Boards

Replace those old and worn boards with new High Density Plastic or Richlite boards. Choose any color, thickness, and size for the perfect fit!

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We were using our refrigeration guy before we found Gasket Guy and were spending a ridiculous amount on gaskets and door repairs. Now that we have Gasket Guy, we are saving at least 40% if not more on our repairs. Happy we made the change."


"Our walk-in door started building up lots of ice around the door. Gasket Guy came and replaced the heater wire and installed a new gasket. Now the door seals perfectly. And they even threw in a new kick plate to protect the door for FREE!"

Metro Diner

"We didn't know you guys could install cutting boards until our local Gasket Guy Wayne came by and noticed how bad our boards looked. He took care of them and now everything looks brand new again!"



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Frequently Asked Questions

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