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About Us

Our Story

For over 20 years Gasket Guy has been living and breathing refrigeration gaskets. We started in the refrigeration business all those moons ago. And it was in those early years that we saw a huge void in the market. When we needed gaskets, the only option was to go to the OEM manufactures and pay exorbitant prices, hundreds of dollars sometimes for one gasket. We knew there had to be a better way and we set out to find it!

We are now the largest installer of commercial refrigeration gaskets in the US and Canada and that experience shows in our over 100 installers and franchisees across the country. Gasket Guys love what they do and this is clearly demonstrated in our quality of work, attention to detail, unparalleled turnaround time, and incredibly low prices.

Keep Your Cool!

We've been providing products & services to individuals, institutes, restaurants, hotels, organizations and corporation for over 10 years.


  • Your Gasket Guy will perform a no-obligation inspection of your kitchen and then provide a detailed estimate of repairs and recommendations.
  • Most repairs can be quoted by either a flat rate or time and materials, giving you the choice of how to move forward.
  • We'll return within 48 hours with custom-sized, perfect-fitting OEM gaskets and professionally install them for you.
  • If needed, your Gasket Guy will make repairs to your doors and hinges to ensure that your gaskets seal properly.

Do It

  • Use our website to find the part you need and we will make it and ship it to you the SAME DAY you order! Plus free shipping and returns.
  • Toll-free phone support in case you need help identifying the part you need. Connect with us anytime.
  • Online video instructions on how to install gaskets, hardware, and more. You'll have everything you need to be successful.
  • Sure Seal Promise: Only for gaskets purchased on our website - it fits or we'll send you another gasket for FREE!

Our Mission

Build the Brand. Support our Guys. Uplift our Communities.

Our mission is to create and grow small businesses in every community in order to stimulate local economies and empower anyone to pursue The American Dream.

Proudly Manufactured in America


All of our gasket material is of the highest quality and made in the USA. When you buy a gasket from our website, you can be certain that those gaskets are manufactured through American jobs.

All of our local Gasket Guys around the country and Canada use the same high quality 'Made in the USA' material when taking care of customer gasket needs in the field.

Meet the Team

Chris Murray


Chris is the go-to guy for Gasket Guys. He is best known for finding those really hard-to-find gaskets. Chris uses his 15 yrs of restaurant experience to help the Gasket Guys in the field. From last minute travel to help a Gasket Guy to getting a tattoo of the wise guy - Chris' dedication has no limit. Not only is Chris a Gasket Guy Coach he's also an offensive and defensive line football coach for a local middle school here in Atlanta.

Tony Clark

Inside Sales

Originally from Savannah, GA, Tony is the office comedian and entertainer. Always with a smile on his face! Tony played football for Georgia Tech as a true freshman and lettered 4 years while obtaining his degree there. Tony's an avid sports fan and a Georgia Tech season ticket holder as well as a mentor to young freshman players. He enjoys grilling, hanging out with friends and his 4 children, and playing with any type of fire.

Giselle Namata

Account Manager

Giselle is the office nutrition specialist and registered dietitian when she isn't helping customers or handling national accounts for our Gasket Guys. Always ready to tell us if we aren't eating right or drinking enough water. Giselle is from the Virginia/DC area and a graduate of James Madison University. Giselle enjoys cooking for friends, lifting weights, and reading. Giselle is also a national Hip Hop Dance champion!

Sean Dillon

Managing Partner

Sean knows a lot about gaskets, refrigeration, and all sorts of things in between. Sean is also our Gasket Guy market coach expert. When Sean isn't out helping Gasket Guys rule their market, he's probably playing with his gas-powered toys. Whether it's fast cars, old trucks, or riding motocross, Sean can't get enough of the fossil fuel burning excitement.

Brands That Trust Us

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