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As you probably already knew, Kason is the industry standard in commercial hardware and accessories for OEM, fabrication, and replacement applications on commercial coolers and freezers. We recently discovered from Dave's trip to the USS Yorktown that Kason's durability is no joke! Take a look at the Kason door latch proudly displayed on this aircraft carrier that was added to the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum in 1975.


Now Kason has earned LEED Certification Support to make this brand even stronger. Kason's family of GreenGuard products provide functional and sustainable solutions to reduce energy consumption, overall cost, and your operations carbon footprint, all while providing the durability and high standards you have come to expect from Kason since their founding in 1926. Check out the products that can help obtain LEED credits for your customers. 
1808.pngKason's GreenGuard products support justification for LEED credits in
several categories. The Kason 1808 LED light fixtures support credits in four of the seven LEED categories including both innovation in Design and Energy and Atmosphere as they last 5 times longer than a CFL and do not contain toxic mercury. Kason's motion sensor light controls are eligible for supporting Energy and Atmosphere credit.
 Even more traditional Kason products can help customers gain LEED credits in the Energy and Performance image11.pngcategory. Easimount Strip curtains and Easimount ThermalFlex Door Systems optimize energy performance and refrigeration system performance. Kason Performer hinges and closers like the 1245 Cam Rise Hinge and the 1094 hydraulic door closer , maximize door sealing for the life of a walk-in to reduce energy usage and refrigeration system performance.
Kason has a multitude of products to help you fulfill the requirements of the Energy Independence and Security Act. Kason Industries is also a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a 501 c3 non-profit organization committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings.

GreenGuard is the easy solution to reduce your operating costs in existing foodservice or new construction foodservice operations. Members of the Kason family are always ready and willing to work with you to provide the perfect sustainable solution.

Kason products are the smart choice for customers looking to build a more sustainable environment and achieve a LEED certified building.